DRIM System

The patent pending
Dual Regulated Illumination Modulating (DRIM) System is aimed specifically at the pool of motorcycles that carry two headlights, but only uses one for normal function and the other for high beam function. The purpose here is to allow both headlights to function simultaneously, both with a normal function and a high beam function. This provides overall symmetry to these motorcycles contributing to its aesthetics. Even more so this plays a significant role in the functional safety of motorcycle rides.


Functional Safety


Safety is a huge factor for an openly exposed rider on a two wheeled machine. Given a scenario where your headlight blows out, it’s common enough for people to understand it’s not a critical problem. Although, that being the only functioning headlight at the time, there may be limited visibility, especially at night or in mild environments such as fog. The second headlight can be activated with the high beam switch, but only after the rider engages it… if the rider reacts in that way. Having two headlights operating simultaneously will always provide the rider with a good field of view.



This DRIM System is a direct plug-&-play method requiring no modifications, splicing, or any advanced experience. There are two variations of this module, one designed for halogen (factory) headlamps, and the other designed for LED headlamps. By connecting the module’s four connectors into the motorcycle’s four headlight connectors, the DRIM system’s function becomes completely integrated into the stock headlight system. It is designed to illuminate both headlights at the same regulated state during normal operation, and both at full output when the high beam switch is triggered.

The Setup


Below displays a comparison between the original setup and the DRIM System setup. This demonstration is performed on an R6 with super white halogen bulbs. The top side shows the headlight during normal operation. The bottom side showing the headlights when the high beam switch is triggered.

Original Setup

DRIM Setup

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