LED Headlight Modifications

LED headlights are a more efficient and cleaner alternative to both the HID and halogen headlights with a small carbon footprint. Most (including the G20 H7 LEDs) do not require a ballast and are a direct plug-in method to the the standard H7 connector. They output a high intensity of light, typically between 2000- 5000 lumens with only drawing an amp or so of current. Standard halogens require around 4-4.5 amps each and are a high load to the electrical system. Due to all of the benefits of LED headlights, their costs have been respectively higher compared to HID and halogen headlights, but recently have been on the decline as the technology becomes more common and components becoming cheaper.
We offer high output clear LED headlights that make a difference. Heighten your line of sight, make other motorist aware of your position, and improve your motorcycle’s efficiency.

Halogen vs. LED
Pictured is a comparison of a standard halogen headlight (left) and our LED headlight (right) on a Yamaha R1.

Installation Process

The installation process is fairly simple requiring no tools or modifications to any parts.

Motorcycle Gallery

Below are a few variations of motorcycles that use our headlight setup. The setup uses our prototype LED headlight cap adapters and G20 H7 LEDs, which can also be combined as a complete set. This set up can be applied across many different motorcycles. We are constantly developing new cap designs to accommodate more types of motorcycles. Please keep checking in to see if there’s a cap adapter for your motorcycle.

Bruce’s R3


Fabian’s R6