DRIM System

The patent pending Dual Regulated Illumination Modulating (DRIM) System is aimed specifically at the pool of motorcycles that carry two headlights, but only uses one for normal function and the other for high beam function. The purpose here is to allow both headlights to function simultaneously, both with a normal function and a high beam… Continue Reading

LED Headlight Modifications

LED headlights are a more efficient and cleaner alternative to both the HID and halogen headlights with a small carbon footprint. Most (including the G20 H7 LEDs) do not require a ballast and are a direct plug-in method to the the standard H7 connector. They output a high intensity of light, typically between 2000- 5000… Continue Reading

Aftermarket LED Modifications

LED’s give way to a multitude of light and body customization. They range from custom turn signals (shown below) to under-glow kits and illuminations. Offering a bright array of colors and efficient power ratings at an affordable cost. We strive to provide distinctive designs that allow the rider to be seen. ┬áBenefit from illumination kits… Continue Reading