LED Headlight Cap Adapter


This set of two (2) cap adapters provides an easy plug and play alternative to bright and efficient LED headlight upgrades. They are designed to give the clearance LEDs require due to the large heatsinks or fans on the back. The user is able to do a quick and easy install without the need to customize or drill and damage components.

We recently transitioned from 3D Printed Prototype Cap Adapters to injection molded production Cap Adapters. These are more robust parts with a professional finish.

Currently this fits:
06-16 R6r
15-18 R3
04-08 R1
07-17 CBR 600rr
08-16 CBR 1000rr

Also replaces any other motorcycle caps using:
Honda part #: 33112-MFJ-D01
Yamaha part numbers #: 5SL-84297-00-00 and 1WD-H4397-00-00
Please check with your local dealer or a parts supplier to verify your part number matches and the proper clearances with other parts.

injection install
Pictured is our LED Cap Adapters installed into the back of an R6 headlight housing.

Warning: By switching to an LED setup the headlamps do not burn hot enough to evaporate any moisture caught inside. If the install in done in a moist or relatively humid environment we recommend using an effective method to reduce or prevent moisture which can be found here.

Learn more about LED alternatives and the installation process

Two (2) LED Cap Adapters $24.99 + Tax
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LED & Adapter Kit
A set of two (2) H7 G20 Headlights & (2) LED Headlight Cap Adapters
$54.98 + Tax (Originally $59.98, Special Deal $5 Off)

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*Shipping Costs: Anywhere in the states is $7.50, international shipping is $15.