We believe that motorcycles are an extension of the rider in the form of art and raw power and we intend to provide our talents toward growing a unique style in the motorcycle culture. In an era where personalities are expressed through vehicular innovations, it seems that the character transcends through distinctive styles across motorcycles. Our goal is to set out builds and designs that a customer can express one self through. We do this by designing an aptitude of projects aimed to uniquely diversify the rider from the pool of grey.



Based off our incentive, we strive to supply an array of services to our customers in the motorcycle industry. Not limited by basic tune up services to aftermarket installations, we also perform complete motorcycle rebuilds and motorcycle engine rebuilds. Our company carries deliberate operations focused on buying wrecked, laid down, and damaged motorcycles and restoring them to a pristine state. The benefits to the customer are unique builds that have been inspected, and at the fraction of the cost.



The history of Cycle Revive began in the garage of a college student who had barely any financial stability. Working just enough hours while in school he managed to buy a street bike, an 05 GSX-R 750 Anniversary edition to be specific. The only problem was that it was wrecked and there was nothing anniversary about it except a scratched up “20th Anniversary” plate on the upper triple. Although it was an eye sore or what some may call the “Frankenstein bike”, he saw potential in what it could be, a certain creative perception he thrived on. After much work, patience, and learning, the motorcycle evolved from a lawn ornament into a completely functional aesthetic machine.

Growing from this build followed many more, and a couple years later a complete build of an 06 R6 from the engine up was successfully achieved. Motor rebuilds were then addressed and the first rebuild was accomplished on an 05 Hayabusa 1300cc’s, the biggest motorcycle engine of its time. Later multiple R1’s were subject to engine rebuilds resulting from spun bearings, all successfully constructed to spec and installed properly.

The company was founded by this individual, and now as an engineer he strives to supply a decade of experience and knowledge through disciplined technique and careful planning in making completely safe, robust, operational motorcycles that are adequately unique.