LED Headlight Cap Adapters

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This set of two (2) cap adapters provides an easy plug and play alternative to bright and efficient LED headlight upgrades. They are designed to give the clearance LEDs require due to the large heatsinks or fans on the back. The user is able to do a quick and easy install without the need to customize or drill and damage components.


We recently transitioned from 3D Printed Prototype Cap Adapters to injection molded production Cap Adapters. These are more robust parts with a professional finish.

Currently this fits:
06-16 R6r
15-18 R3
04-08 R1
07-19 CBR 600rr
08-16 CBR 1000rr

*Product will fit 03-09 R6S models as well, but slight trimming/modifications need to be made to the RAM air covers please refer to the demonstrated pictures here

Also replaces any other motorcycle caps using:
Honda part #: 33112-MFJ-D01
Yamaha part numbers #: 5SL-84297-00-00 and 1WD-H4397-00-00
Please check with your local dealer or a parts supplier to verify your part number matches and the proper clearances with other parts.
To properly install the headlight adapter caps you must remove the rubber seal from the old caps and place them onto the new ones.

injection install
Pictured is our LED Cap Adapters installed into the back of an R6 headlight housing.

Learn more about LED alternatives and the installation process



18 reviews for LED Headlight Cap Adapters

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  1. Wes Whittington (verified owner)

    Ordered these after trying to modify my stock caps on a 2008 Yamaha r6. 100% should have ordered these first and saved time. Shipment was quick, packaging was top notch , and install/fit is perfect! Definitely recommended if you install some of the bulkier led lights in your bike.

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  2. Alvaro (verified owner)

    Purchased for a 2008 R1. They fit perfectly and had plenty of room to accommodate the bulkier LED bulbs. Truly plug and play

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  3. Matt Jacobson (verified owner)

    I just got my lights and caps and have not installed them yet. I just wanted to say the customer service here is amazing. I accidentally ordered the caps and the lights separately and had to pay for shipping and handling twice and did not get the $5 discount. I emailed the guys and they immediately refunded my money and canceled my order for me and in a timely fashion. They then allowed me to reorder the product with the discount and without separate shipping and handling, saving me money. I was really happy with the customer service I got with cycle revive and would recommend them to anyone!

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  4. websitemoderator (store manager)

    Hey Mayela,

    I want to apologize for the inconvenience. Please understand, once your products are shipped it is ultimately the logistic company’s responsibility to provide tracking. With your order being international and first class instead of priority, it may take longer for tracking updates to appear after departing from an international US airport. Following up on your order it looks like it did arrive in your country a few days ago and is inbound to your address provided. Unfortunately I did not receive any contact from you given your concern, but based on your review I would like to ensure that your package arrives accordingly. With any more concerns please feel free to contact me.I will also follow up with you personally. Thanks!

  5. Mayela (verified owner)

    Delivery Delay…Order was accepted June 9th, then updates were provided until they stopped on the15th. Since then(nearly 2 weeks later) status hasn’t changed from “in transit”. Would like better communication to ensure product will make it to my door.

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  6. Eric

    The caps worked great for installing LED headlights on a 2005 R6. As mentioned in other reviews a little bit of sanding/trimming is needed on the plastic covers over the ram air intakes, but it only took a few minutes.

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  7. Nick (verified owner)

    I bought the lights and the cap for my ’11 r6 both fit awesome and look factory. I am very surprised how bright the lights are and the customer service was great!!

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  8. Charlie Pantano (verified owner)

    Awesome product. I can’t believe I waited this long to switch over to LED bulbs. I have an older 2003 Yamaha R6 and was looking to upgrade my lighting system. Using this kit I was able to increase light output while reducing the current draw on my bike. A win/win solution. After seeing unsightly installs on the internet with people cutting holes in the rear of the lamp covers or worse leaving them off completely I began a search for a solution. This product was a perfect solution leaving the final install looking factory while keeping the factory dust/moisture protection in tact. The cover fit perfectly but did create a problem on the R6 that might be unique to this bike. The added length of the lamp cover interfered with the plastic air duct covers. Without much trouble I was able to remove about 3/4″ of material from the covers to allow clearance. A Dremel tool with a sanding drum was used to give the final factory appearance. I could not be more satisfied with this product.

    Image #1 from Charlie Pantano
    Image #2 from Charlie Pantano
    Image #3 from Charlie Pantano
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  9. Anton (verified owner)

    Superb light output, installation was easy if you take your time and watch Arnez’s YouTube video first. Just a cool guy and very pleasant to deal behind this who’s passionate about bikes and his neat projects! Look him up!

    Caps are on pricier side but well worth it considering a lot of resources go into starting this up.

    Why not spend a few bucks that’d guarantee a lot more visibility out on the road?! Probably one of the best and most functional mods you can do!

    Pictures of my beloved ‘07 R6 with LED bulbs installed purchased from Cycle Revive.

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  10. jason m. (verified owner)

    Good quality, good solid fit.

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  11. Michael Garcia

    Got my product in 3 days so delivery was quick. Lights are super bright and install took me 10 minutes. Will be recommending these to others, really good product.

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  12. Dale

    These caps are perfect. They fit like OEM and look great. Shipping was super fast, and great customer service. I highly recommend these caps if you are considering converting to LED headlights. They are a must!!

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  13. Steven P Guillette (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping, great fit and easy to install. You can’t go wrong

    Image #1 from Steven P Guillette
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  14. Anonymous

    Great fit, very easy install.

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  15. Jasfer (verified owner)

    Re: 2014 Yamaha YZF-R6 Headlight Cap Adapters.

    These are great. Looks and fit like OEM, but better depth to be able to fit aftermarket (longer) headlight bulbs like LEDs. On a side note, their customer service is awesome, they respond super fast, I mean instantly, and they will accommodate you even if the cause of the issue is out of their hands.

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  16. Erik van de Ridder

    high quality product just like OEM. much more space for LED lamps. Have an R6 07 with projector headlight and it fits perfectly. Service is great over 5 stars. absolutely recommended.

    Image #1 from Erik van de Ridder
    Image #2 from Erik van de Ridder
    Image #3 from Erik van de Ridder
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  17. Miguel (verified owner)

    I bought thieve for my 07 R6. Let me tell you what difference these lights make. Easy to install. And the customer service is realizable. They keep you updated as much as possible. I love the lights.

    Image #1 from Miguel
    Image #2 from Miguel
    Image #3 from Miguel
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  18. Jim

    I brought these for my 08 R1 and couldn’t be happier. The fit and finish is fantastic. The look completely OEM and just work. Shipping was fast too. I often recommend this product to other riders looking to swap to LED headlights as they’re an exceptional solution

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  19. Kelly

    Awesome product!

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