Angel & Demon Eye Projectors

One of the most distinctive visual light upgrades to a motorcycle is within the headlight. Projectors have been the most popular form of this upgrade specifically. They offer a brighter output using HIDs or LEDs to emit a greater luminous flux in a more concentrated dispersion. Although this projector feature trumps standard headlights, the more admirable feature is the appearance of their low output functions. They offer low output light in a variation of colors through the projector that comes across as demon eyes. With a CCFL or two embedded in the projector housing, projectors can also achieve illuminated halos called angel eyes. Incorporating projectors into the housing emulates the eyes of a beast.

Pictured: 2005 CBR with with blue demon eye and white inner angel eye projectors

The Product

These projectors have both demon eye and angel eye options as well as a second larger angel eye. Demon eyes come in either blue or red. Inner angel eye comes in purple or white. Outer angel eye comes in red, white, green, yellow or blue.