2004 Single Sided R1

Year: 2004
Make: Yamaha
Model: R1
Mileage: 16,220
Title Status: Clean & Clear

Price: $6,800

Previous Condition: Non-running

Current Condition: Running with no problems.

Mechanical: Mechanically sound with no issues. Runs great with no hesitation or loss of power. Good clutch with no shifting problems. Displays no check engine lights or error codes. 10w40 Castrol full synthetic oil.

Physical: Very good condition with normal wear. A minor scratch in different places, but nothing blatantly obvious. The motorcycle is clean for a 2004 model.

Description: This is a very fast liter bike with a lot of customization. Has a power commander V with dynojet autotune that requires the custom O2 sensor. BMC air filter and blocked smog ports for better air induction. Engine has manual APE cam chain on it and competition race hoses for the cooling system. The swingarm is custom single side with a longer trail and lowered suspension. Also has a custom side exhaust with no catalytic restrictive flow. Gold DID chain and braided brake lines.


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